– You Tube Trucking, Have you seen this?

youtubetruckingYou Tube Trucking [dot] Com I think will be the next greatest hit on the internet. Once of course the word gets out.

Owner James from Texas started this site to gain exposure for the hundred’s of truckers who put these great video’s together.

The video’s range from “cell phone” video’s, all the way up to full blown productions. He (Tex) has been adding video’s everyday.

You can find “Tex” as most of his friends call him, driving around Texas, shooting videos himself, from the truck. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with “Tex” and asked him a few question’s about the site, and what he plans.

Q.) First off, tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
A.) Well, I have been driving trucks or been involved in transportation since 1992. I got my CDL in 1995 when I turned 21. The previous 3 years were spent on a freight dock, and driving a yard jockey, moving trailers around. I have drove for, Con-Way Southern Express, KLLM, and Celadon. I have been with my current employer for nearly 7 years. I deliver windows in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Although I complain about my job sometimes, I really shouldn’t. I’m home most every night, and generally, have weekends off.

Q.) How many you tube truckers do you estimate there are?
A.) I would say one-hundred plus. There are many more that I am discovering all the time.

Q.) How many you tube videos have you made?
A.) Over 200. My original “You Tube Channel” was named “texolot” and it had 120 or so videos but I closed it down 10 months ago to create the new channel “593Films”. It currently has 116 videos, I try to add 2-3 new videos per week. They range from trucking (of course!), to very amateur beer reviews, a few videos of my ’59 Chevy Apache pickup that will never be finished, and other random “stuff”.

Q.) How long have you been doing this, making videos, and posting on You tube?
A.) As mentioned above, the old “texolot” channel was started in November ’06. I don’t remember what video I was looking for, when I first got to “You Tube” but whatever it was, I wanted to comment on it. In order to do that, I had to create a username, and I just pulled “texolot” out of thin air. A few days later, I was playing around with my Canon digital snapshot camera, and stumbled upon the video setting. My 1st video ever was of hummingbirds in the back yard. I got to thinking, “Hey, I could take the camera with me on the road, and catch some interesting stuff…”. That is where it all started.

Q.) What makes your site better than
A.) I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily better than YouTube. It’s just a central hub,if you will, for one particular genre of video-making. I guess you could say it is better, in the fact that one certain type of interest now has a distinct visibility above, and apart, from the “sea of videos” uploaded every second to YouTube.

Q.) If a trucker was wanting to start making videos, what would they need to do, and buy?
A.) First off, make sure you don’t get into hot water with your company. Many trucking companies are beginning to implement policies against the use of a video camera while driving, just as they have policies on cell phone use, and texting while driving etc.

The next thing is that you NEVER compromise safety, for filming something. I cannot stress that enough! Use common sense. Taking video, is no more distracting than, changing the radio station, or adjusting the climate control, (which everyone does) but only, if you are smart about it.

Buy a tri-pod to mount the camera on. Some cameras, have remote controls which are handy. Familiarize yourself with the camera controls, so you can operate it without looking at it. I’m not saying everyone should get a camera and hit the road. Safety FIRST! If you are uncomfortable with driving and filming, please do not attempt it!

When it comes to equipment, there are many choices for cameras. Snap-shot cameras work quite well, and are relatively inexpensive. Most have provisions for mounting, to a tri-pod. Video cameras are great to have because they are more versatile. I have a mini-DVD camcorder that does a pretty good job for $300. Some drivers are using high-end HD cameras, and the picture quality is phenomenal, but they are somewhat cost-prohibitive ($1000 and up).

I can’t leave out the editing part: Most PC’s have Windows Movie Maker software already installed on them. It is a great ground-floor application, for learning to edit videos, and add titles, and transitions between clips etc. CyberLink PowerDirector, is a popular program that quite a few drivers use. Very easy to learn, with a little trial, and error. I currently use, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12, but since my computer is a dinosaur, there are a few features that I cannot use. It’s still a great program, and it runs around $120.

Q.) How many videos do you have up on your site right now?
A.) On there is a “promo” video I made on the home page. There is an interactive playlist, of some, of the best driving videos, from various drivers on the “The List” page, and every Friday, I will be adding a, “Video of the Week”, from some lucky driver out there on the page with the same name.

Q.) What is your favorite video of all time?
A.) Great question. That is a tough one to answer. The first one that pops in my mind would be from user “Road82“It’s simply called “Truck Driving”. Apparently YouTube pulled it from circulation due to the fact that there was music from “The Lord of the Rings” used in it. Thankfully, Aaron has the video up on his site HEREThe work he put in to it gave me the inspiration to “try”, and make some videos that could be enjoyed by others like I enjoyed his. I just keep going back to that video again, and again!

In closing, let me just say, “Thanks for the opportunity to talk about . I have been overwhelmed with e-mail requesting drivers to be added to the site. I am already seeing the benefits for the other drivers as I hear of many of these guys and gals “subscriber” numbers are going up.

Drivers already on “You Tube” are finding other drivers on “You Tube” that they may have never found out about the site. It’s slowly bringing together drivers, from around the world, with a common desire to film their adventures. It’s a heightened sense of awareness, that we are all here doing what we love: Driving our trucks, and carrying a camera along, to share our experiences with the world!”

Thanks again!!! James “Tex”

Well, there you have it. Drivers I urge you to get in touch with “Tex” if you are on “You Tube” to have your videos added to this site.

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