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  1. Wendy Morgan-McBride
    March 23, 2011

    I know this poem well, it is one I have been reading for over 7 years, I started it when my father a trucker passed away in 2003 and have since established the Memorial Highway in Heaven ~ A Tribute for Truckers, where this poem is exclusive to the highway at our special lighting cermeony every father’s day weekend at the Stirling Truck Show in Stirling, Ontario…..the poem helps those that have lost someone find peace, comfort, healing, friendship and love…..we have our own little highway made up of mud flapls, please consider visiting my site to find out more….I am not looking for business just a place for those that have lost a trucker or a trucker that has lost someone while being out on those lonely highways to have a place to honor and say that final good bye….thanks for posting…xoxoox
    you can also find us on facebook under Memorial Highway in Heaven ~ a tribute for truckers or join the Friendship page
    Wendy Morgan-McBride

  2. Chain-Breaker
    March 25, 2011

    The only part I had a problem with was the hours we work. I work 18 to 20 hrs a day…and sometimes 22. I refuse to do a 24 hr day. But we are pushed that hard every day we are away, and we do it for the love of our family and to do a job well done. Dispatchers and trucking companies no longer stand up to companies out of greed. Instead of letting another company get the load, they will lie to the customer and expect the truck driver to make up for their greed and lies. Complete safety will never happen until the dispatchers and company officials stop lying and expecting the truck driver to make up for it.
    thats my two cents worth.

  3. hurtis geoghagan
    March 27, 2011

    there are two big problems

    labor department DOSENT consinder truckers train professional
    and they treat them like there below the 9-5 working stift

    and there is no standard rate system out there for lauling freight
    its too cut throat out there

  4. Mark Robinson
    March 31, 2011

    I have been trucking for almost 11 years…that is, until John Rankin of Billings, Oklahoma, came along….He ILLEGALLY parked his motor home, and as a result, I hit the damn thing, swerving my ’73 Pet cabover to keep from hitting a child whom darted in front of me to get a ball.. The child is perfectly fine, but John Rankin FORGED my signature on a agreement to pay $10,000.00 for a little 2 inch deep dent, that I offered to fix myself, he hired Sarah J. Kennedy, of Perry, Oklahoma, to put a lien against my license..I was taking my rig to the insurance agent to get it insured.. Anyway, I hired a lawyer, to try to get my C.D.L. back… And 4-wheelers wonder why us truckers HATE them! My C.D.L. was orginally in Texas, before I moved to Oklahoma to have it changed…Would it be illegal to get my Txas C.D.L. back, being Oklahoma is out of commission? Can anyone of my comrade truckers help me out? God Bless, and keep her between the ditches!! Hope to be back on the road very soon!!

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