VW Autobahn For All ‘Shoot The Gap’ Condones Unsafe Driving Habits

Television commercials for car ads – are they condoning unsafe driving habits?

As a professional truck driver with many years of driving experience I know this is just a marketing sham – to get people to buy their high powered car.

Even though they run the little fine print that says Caution this is a closed course and a professional driver always respect safe driving and the laws – or something to that effect.

“Shooting the Gap” as portrayed in this TV ad is a very dangerous ‘stunt’ to do. Cutting off another vehicle in order to drive between two tractor and trailers is plain out stupid.

Truck drivers have limited visibility even though they sit up high. Passing a truck on the right-hand-side is a very dangerous move and should not be done – ever.

This video has been removed on youtube but I have it hosted on my server.

I want to also add that I have it running on this site in hopes that maybe others won’t make the same mistake that VW did. Also I believe that VW has removed the video from TV as well – I saw it two times this morning – but have not seen it since, but did see a NEW video that I had not seen previously.

People in general look at an ad like this one as “fun to do” but never really pay attention to how deadly it could be and often is. In the commercial the driver cuts off a large garbage truck then switches lanes in order to “shoot the gap” meaning accelerating really fast and driving between two semis.

Shooting the gap:

Results in this all to often:

Different view of results from shooting the gap:

Then death comes:

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6 Responses to VW Autobahn For All ‘Shoot The Gap’ Condones Unsafe Driving Habits

  1. I agree that the VW commercial is encouraging extremely dangerous driving habits with this “shoot the gap” scenario. I have written Volkswagen and told them so. I also inquired of Gretchen Carlson on her Twitter account for Fox and Friends as to what she thought about it (no response to my knowledge).

  2. Ayn Rand says:

    To complain, contact VW America:

    Jill Bratina
    Vice President, Corporate Communications
    Volkswagen Group of America
    2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr.
    Herndon, VA 20171
    Phone: +1 703 364 7250

  3. Zachary says:

    The photos you are using at the bottom to show the “all to often” results of shooting the gap are screen shots from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious.

    I’m not saying it’s not dangerous, but you say how the commercial portrays a very dangerous stunt, then try to pass off a stunt from a movie as actual results of someone attempting this. How about you post some actual news stories or statistics about this instead of showing Hollywood’s take on how “death comes” if you try something like this.

    • Wow Zachary you win the cookie! The commercial is also a stunt but naive people like you I’m assuming can’t see the meaning of me posting those screenshots. It is what happens “all to often” – maybe not so much as bad as those images show – but it does happen.

      • Zachary says:

        Oh I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, as I’m not that naive, I would just rather see some real world information to help support your arguments, or at least a statement saying where those pictures are from.


        This was also linked on the site that led me to this page, and it has statistics for accidents involving at least one truck. The numbers including at least one truck and one passenger vehicle show that 56% of the time, the cause of the accident was due to the driver of the passenger vehicle.

        My brother-in-law and two of my neighbors drive trucks, so I’m definitely not condoning the commercial or any such driving. I’ve never driven a truck myself, but I’ve seen enough wrecks involving them to know I need to give them as much room as possible.

        I guess I just wish people could watch the commercial for what it is, but I’ll take the cookie instead.

        • Well, I guess you are probably right – I should have said those pictures were from the movie – I took for granted that people would generalize what I was showing – you know put two and two together.

          But, I still say Volkswagen made a poor choice for a video. With the way things are in the trucking industry – truck drivers receiving a bad wrap for tons of accidents – that 4 wheelers cause – this type of ad does not help.

          What will happen when some young driver takes mommy or daddy’s VW Jetta out for a spin and has their friends with them urging them to do the same as this commercial. And something terrible happens such as a tire blow out – or a brake drum bursting on the truck or trailer or just as those pictures show – then what? “Gators” or pieces of truck tire can kill also.

          I will give the commercial credit for showing how to get past a tractor trailer – but thats all. One should never ever pass a truck on the right side or just hang beside a truck either. One should get past as quickly and safely as possible on the left side.

          And pulling the video off of Youtube and leaving it up on TV is not good enough – it should be removed completely.

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