Top 10 items you need on a truck as a Truck Driver?

I have been wanting to add a list of thing’s in no particular order, that are needed on a truck for a while now. I have just not got around to doing it until today! I see this question pop up quite often, at the many forums I visit. I know this list is not the perfect list, so I won’t need any comments telling me this (lol). If you want to add to the list you may do so by commenting.

First off we need to determine what you are hauling in order to have the right list of items on board with you. In my list I will add the item and explain who should have it and why.

  1. Food – you might get stranded at a shipper or receiver, or you might run into bad weather and be forced to shut down for a couple days in the middle of nowhere.  Any and all truck drivers should have this items with them. You as a driver must be prepared for the worst, because it can happen at anytime.
  2. Water – Same as above, also you can use it to brush your teeth, sponge bath (it happens), etc.
  3. Clothes – For ALL seasons, because you might leave one place and it was 90 degrees, and drive 600 miles and it be snowing, and blue cold.
  4. A cheap set of tools – just the basics needed here, hammer, screwdriver (flat and Phillips), also a torx set are needed for some trucks now, adjustable wrench, 1/2 in, and 9/16 in combination wrench, vice grips, WD-40 (or your choice of spray on lubricant), waterless hand wash, paper towels (or old rags from the house), a pocket knife, electrical tape (your color preference), a pair of light cover hauls, reasons for these items you might have to do minor maintenance to your truck or trailer. This should be in everybody’s truck.
  5. CB Radio – Your choice on this. All truck drivers.
  6. Ink Pens – Black or Blue, for log books, always need ink pens because they always get lost.
  7. Up to date Laminated Truckers Map – This should be like a “truckers bible” to you. Even with today’s technology a map will save you.
  8. Steele toed shoe or bootFlat bed drivers and Tanker drivers need these especially, most if not all places require you to have these while loading or unloading.
  9. Quality Gloves – (No not for driving) You have to put diesel and oil in your truck. All drivers need these.
  10. Cell Phone – (No NOT for texting) But, it can come in handy in case of emergency’s. Either a pre-paid cell phone if you can’t get a regular package from a carrier of your choice. All drivers need this.

I know there is more, so feel free to add to the list by commenting. This is just a starter list.

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  1. Debra Hartley
    48 mos, 2 wks ago

    You also should always have duck tape. Its a temporary fix for alot of things!

  2. 48 mos, 2 wks ago

    Thanks Debra for the comment and adding to the list this is a great tool that every driver should have, and it is inexpensive.

  3. John Johnson
    39 mos ago

    I’m trying to put together a list of things required by the DOT to be with the driver in the truck, as well as things required by good safety practices like the above list. I am having trouble finding a list of the former. Any suggestions?


  4. 39 mos ago

    Thanks John for the comment. I would suggest calling OOIDA at 1-800-444-5791 they will know for sure what a driver is required to carry.

  5. Holly
    31 mos ago

    My honey is going out on the road for the first time and I am so concerned about his safety. I am so glad you posted this list because I am going to pack his bag since I know that if I leave it up to him he won’t even have enough pairs of clean briefs! Any way I don’t know anything about standard supplies in a rig so I am going to also include a basic first aid pack and some NON drowsy pain killers.

  6. 27 mos, 2 wks ago

    im going to school in auguest for trucking. i need to know what i should bring with me when i get my own truck. list of the top 10 items ill need other than personal stuff

  7. sidy b. mbodji
    17 mos, 2 wks ago

    i have ben driving truck for 23 years,and at the present time no job ,no truck , no money ,i need help , from someone good personne ho can get me a truck not for free , because i will work at the port of newark taquing contenaire at the port .i do have and twic card . please any body ho can help send me a message .

  8. Lorraine Valentine
    8 mos ago

    Spot on for this list! The only items I would add would be, First Aid Kit and always a can of WD-40. Saved our butt many a time.

  9. 1 mo, 2 wks ago

    is good to have a tool that help to slide your tamdens.

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