Videos: How to do a full body workout inside the cab of a semi

Okay people. It’s the beginning of a new year. We’ve all spent the holidays stuffing ourselves with turkey, pumpkin pie, fruitcake, and roast beast. Then many of you drank enough to drown a hippo on New Year’s Eve. Then in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, you promptly puked every last calorie of your holiday gluttony into the floorboard of your best friend’s car. Better make that your EX best friend’s car. So what’s next?

Why, it’s New Year’s resolution time, of course! Personally, I don’t make resolutions. I’ve pretty much mastered the art of disappointing myself enough without the added pressure of a bunch of resolutions that I know I’ll never keep. But I know some of you are gluttons for punishment, so this post may help you out.

Undoubtedly, at least one of you out there have decided that this will be the year you’re going to get in shape. Well, I’ve got something that can help you out. It’s really designed to help truckers, but it can be used by anyone. It all started when I decided to start working out and being the whiner that I am, I started tweeting about it. That’s when I got the question:

“How do you do a workout inside your truck?”

Man, I’ve been asked this question at least a million times (give or take 999,996). In the past I’ve always said, “One of these days, I’ll make a video and show you.” Today is that day.

I’ve made two videos, each of them a little under 15 minutes long. In typical fashion, I’ve tried to spruce them up a bit with a little bad humor. I’ll let you decide whether I succeeded or if I earned a spot on the FAIL Blog. Doing these videos has taught me one thing for sure. Video is hard. As long as it takes for me to write a blog post, it’s much quicker than doing videos. So don’t be expecting this to turn into a video blog anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, let me give you a bit of a disclaimer here. The audio and video quality isn’t exactly what I’d call stellar. In fact, it kinda sucks. I tried using both of my good video cameras, but neither of them had a wide enough lens to get the shots I needed in such a cramped space. That left me with the built-in camera and microphone on my computer. And sometimes they just weren’t up to the task as you’ll easily see by some poorly framed shots. Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those fancy pants new MacBooks with the high-definition camera. I’ve got the older, “it sucks but it’s better than nothing” camera.

The lighting made it worse. I tried to shoot during the daylight, but the contrast between the sunlight and the interior of the truck made it virtually unwatchable. So I shot it at night, using only the interior cab lights in my truck. I did the best I could, so don’t be too mean when you leave a comment. You were planning to leave a comment, weren’t you?

So what have we got for you today? Well, Video #1 is the Introduction and the abs workout. Video #2 is the dumbbell workout. Perhaps another disclaimer is in order here. I am NOT a professional trainer. Never have been. Never will be. So do all these exercises at your own risk. Start out easy and work your way up. I’d tell you to see a physician before you start any exercise program, but you and I both know that you’re not going to give a doctor any dough for something as trivial as that. I guess there really isn’t a lot more to say, so for once, I won’t. Here you go. Let me know what you think by leaving that comment we discussed earlier.

One last thing. This is a G-rated video. I’m wearing a short-sleeve shirt and shorts. Trust me. You really don’t want to see my Austin Powers chest hair. Enjoy!

Here’s a couple of links that might help:

The Men’s Health Abs Diet Workout

Proper techniques for dumbbell exercises


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6 Responses to Videos: How to do a full body workout inside the cab of a semi

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  3. Mike Scott says:

    …Up late once again reading up on some interesting posts in my field. I find this workout routine for truck drivers to be pretty cool. Good job truckers! Keep the wheels rolling.

  4. bill baker says:

    I dont think I could tell others about getting/being fit unless I was extremely buff.which you are not, maybe time to ramp up the training?

    • Todd McCann says:

      Hello Bill,

      LOL. I understand why you might say that, especially since your email address suggests you might be a runner. I also guess we have different standards. And as you were critiquing my fitness level, you might possibly have even missed the point of the videos.

      Listen, I’ve never claimed to be in super-great shape. Any one of my followers on Twitter could tell you how I’m always whining about how much I loathe workouts and how I wish I’d see more positive results for my efforts. I’ve done this in-cab workout off-and-on (at times steadily for a couple of years) for quite a few years now and have very little to show for it… or do I?

      I can jog into a truck stop without gasping for air. I have decent stamina when I have to crank on a stiff trailer dolly for 5 minutes. And I can still see my toes when I look down. That’s always a good thing, right? :-) The thing is, I know I’m never going to be Captain Fitness while I’m driving a truck. I don’t have the motivation to go running in the hot sun. Nor do I have the dedication to do anything that might cause a sweat without 100% certainty that I’ll get a shower before I crawl into my clean sheets. I’m simply doing what I can to help slow down the everyday wear-and-tear that the average trucker will go through. At first, I did it to try to get get buff, but I’ve now accepted the fact that it’s more about maintenance than progress.

      Again, from your email address, I can tell that you’re also a trucker. So you know what kind of shape most truckers are in. Am I buff? Not even close. Are you and I in better shape than 90% of truckers. Probably. Do you think that just might have something to do with the fact that I work out at all? I do. Let me ask you this; Is Richard Simmons in great shape? No. But is he in better shape than the people he helps with his “Sweatin’ With the Oldies” videos? Undoubtedly. You’re a runner. Do you have to run marathons to teach someone the proper running form or to show them where there are jogging trails near truck stops? I don’t think so. Do we have to have 6-pack abs to suggest ways for overweight truckers to eat healthier while on the road? Lord, I hope not, cuz that’s probably never going to happen. LOL

      Now to the point of the videos that you appear to have missed. I didn’t do these videos to say, “You could look like this if you do this workout.” The reason I did these videos is because drivers never believed me when I told them that I did a full body dumbbell workout INSIDE the cab of my truck. I stated as much in the article and in the videos. But in putting out these videos I’ve given these drivers one less excuse to sit on their cans while they get fatter and more out of shape, which is exactly what I’d be doing if I didn’t do this workout myself.

      Clearly your standards are higher than mine; and that’s just fine. I just think that if everyone waited until they themselves had it all together, there’d be a lot less people out there willing to help others. And perhaps it’s better to do anything, than nothing at all.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. Your opinions are always welcomed and appreciated.

      P.S. I no longer guest post on this site. If you’re interested, please visit to check out my blog. I always appreciate having experienced drivers who are willing to share their experiences with my audience. Thanks.

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