CB Radio Repair Shops – Are there any good ones left?

I think this is a dying breed that truckers are going to have to deal with in the future. Oh yea, you can find a “hack shop” out on the road at many truck stops. But, they basically do nothing but charge really high prices. I only know of one “good” CB Radio Repair Shop, and the owner knows what he is actually doing. I have dealt with this shop for many years, and they have never done me wrong.

They are located: South side of 80/90 (Ohio toll Road Exit-71) Get on RT. 420 and go south past the TA Truck Stop and Pilot Truck stops. Travel about one mile, and you will see Tire Shop sign, turn left onto RT. 163 and then turn right into the parking lot.

I stopped one time at a place on I-75 at exit 99. I will say this for them, they damn sure will jump on the job you want done. I had them to install my Connex 4600 Turbo for me, along with having them to install my Wilson 5000 antenna. They did a superb job, and was done in less than 1 hour. But, Damn they are expensive…It cost me $99.00 to have that done, the only thing extra I bought was a cheap $12.00 fiberglass antenna for the passanger side AM/FM. One thing else I did not agree with was. After they installed my Wilson 5000 antenna, they “tried” to set the swr’s of the antenna…Inside the metal building!

When it was done, I kindly thanked and made my way towards my original CB Shop to have the Swr’s fixed. Of course they were out, so he readjusted them, and have not had a minutes trouble out of it since.

Anybody know of any “good” shops left around list them as a comment and if enough get posted I will fix another page listing them..

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64 thoughts on “CB Radio Repair Shops – Are there any good ones left?

    1. SERVICE@REPAIRCBS.COM is also another site I would look into. They do good work and they are very reasonable. They even have parts for the older radios that most other repair shops can no longer service becase they can not get the parts. Most of the time you can get your radio back within a week and if the radio repair costs more than the radio is worth they won’t soak you. They even have a nice supply of older and newer radios to choose from if you think your radio is not worth fixing.

  1. Dubs C.B. shop, South side of the interstate off of exit 154 on I70 in Illinois. The tech is Doug Mullens, that used to run the C.B. shop at Cloverdale In, exit 41 on I70 in Indiana. He has always done a good job with my radios and has been comparable to other shops in price.

    1. driving 20 years always used the doc in newburgh n.y now he’s at the new truck stop in davie fla. 595 fla. cb shop..he’s one of the best tech’s i ever delt with..they say he will answer all your qustions 100% on the money….dont know there new phone# but you can still get him at 845-567-1700…-

    2. I have done alot of business with Dubs shop and Doug has always done a very good job for me. I have never had to take my radio back to have any thing redone.

  2. Thanks for the comment and info Brian. I wished more would share information like this. This is probably pretty close to the number one question i hear and see all the time online or off. “Where is a good CB shop”?

    1. I am thinking of getting into the CB repair field, and have back ground in elecrtonics, military and Civilian. Could you e-mail me Paul?
      I commend you on being a instructor for truck drivers.
      Thanks Paul, God bless for what you are doing,


    1. I don’t know about Texas, but my brother has a great repair shop in Oklahoma… on I-35 in Moore just South of OKC… Main Street exit. Kelly’s CB Repair (405 794 8072). He does repairs and new installations. If you want someone who knows what they are doing, he is your guy!

    1. Service@repaircbs.com work on any and all CBs and they are reasonably priced. They are located in Wisconsin and tend to get radios in and out pretty quick. Check out there website at http://www.repaircbs.com. Best of all they have a supply of old radios that they use to get unavailable parts from so they can fix almost any radio at very reasonable prices.

  3. Hey guys !! I am the owner of SpikesCbradios.com we are on Interstate 80 exit #27 Atkinson, Illinois. I am a retired trucker my self and have been trucking over the road for 31 Years. I feel your pain when I hear story’s about drivers getting ripped off from hack shop – cb shops, I have been ripped off myself. Please don’t loose faith in cb shops, There are a lot of good cb shops still out there. If you need good quality honest work with out getting ripped off stop in. If you don’t live in the area call me and I will direct you to someone in your area. Happy Trucking Be Safe.

    Jamie — Spikes Cb Radios.com

    1. Do you know a good CB Shop in Minnesota that can install my radio and antenna and tune the SWR’s? This will be going into my pickup truck. Thanks

  4. They have a CB shop in Bunnell Florida its called Boggers CB Shop. (386) 566-1186. they’ll treat ya right. He did great job on my Cobra 29.

  5. I am looking for a good CB reapir person to rent out space in our truck stop. We are willing to work on the first couple months lease giving them a chance to get settled in. We are located in Napoleon, OH at the Petro Stuck Stop. We are expanding this spring with a new Lube Shop and attempting to open up a sit down restaurant. I know from prior experience that a good CB repair and a good Truck stop definetly compliments each other. So if you know of anyone that might be interested in the local area, have them contact me at Petro Stopping Centers in Napoleon OH

  6. Clays radio shop used to be good till they sold out to high tech mobil communications. I shippef them my cb and had to hastle them just to get a call back a month after they recieved it. They said thier tech had been out sick so i waited a week and didnt hear anything so i left them a message again and told them just ship them back to me i would take my buisness elsewhere

  7. I have been to alot of so called cb shops and i found a awsome tec 1 year ago.rally sports cb shop .Hes off exit 4 on 85 in sc.I had 4 radios i had put up do to other cb shops telling me they where not fixable.He fixed all 4 of them and he worked on them right in front of me i could see the inside as he did it.I NEVER SAW THAT BEFORE.No one lets you see them work on your radio.His shop is on the side of his house,hes not going any where.He has more then enough parking for more then 3 trucks at a time.HE IS WITH OUT A QUESTION IN MY MINE VIEW THE SHOP TO GO TO.Ow and his shop is now on face book as well.Just look up rally sports cb shop.Ow and he works on your radio right then and you dont have to drop it off.Like i said i cant say more about him.KEEP IT BETWEEN THE LINES GUYS.

  8. Rally Sports C B Shop at Ex 4 on I-85 SC channel 22. I’ve been dealing with this shop for a few years.I’ve always been satisfied with the work and the price!! Holler at him on your way thru you wont be sorry!! Roadboss

    1. 595 Truck Stop in Ft. Lauderdale. The owner is Ebay’s Magnum1013 and is the best shop I ever been too.
      Keep on Trucking

      1. Is that the shop where Al (aka. Racoon) from CT works at or used to. He set up my radio years ago an it worked awesome for 12 years w/no problems whatsoever. But i’ve lost touch with him an would love to have him build another.

  9. Chuck’s CB Shop in Tennessee on I-40 at exit 126 go south 1 mile and he’ll be on the right.. He works on everything…even linears. Very good tech and never done me wrong.

  10. I have a connex 3300hp, When I turn it on it takes awhile to start working and now It dosent have any sound and will not put out. I been told cold joint, taken it to 3 shops $20 to $45 each time they do something and it works long enough for me to get out of there area, So I’m looking for a good CB shop in south side Virginia,or some where I could send it to and have it FIXED, not pay someone to take the lids off and push on solder joint.

  11. I need a good shop bad!!
    I live in NW NJ near rte 80 but eastern PA and Upstate NY along the thruway is ok for i travel that way.
    Can anyone help me out please.
    Thank you

  12. hey guys if you are looking for a reliable shop and damn good at what they do if you run on rt 70 stop by exit 126 its directly across the street from the ta. its called thornville cb shop its in the eastern ohio truck parts building so if you need parts or repair of your big truck they can do it. the cb shop owner dana has been working on cb’s since 1979 he started in florida and then moved to ohio. he has done my work for years and he is always fair and does excellent work. his phone number is (614)989-0028

  13. hi, what im looking for is parts for older cb.i have a President Grant that looks like the day it was bought. what i need for it is a audio ic.i even have a part number 1242h.i really hate to give this radio up.Any help sure would be appreciated..thanks

  14. Magnum1013 from ebay and one of the owners of the 595 Truck Stop in Davie Florida is top notch and the best person I ever delt with. Look at his feedbacks on ebay.
    Keep On Trucking

  15. I used a C.B shop by the Petro in W.Memphis AR 7 or 8 years ago and wouldn’t recommend them to anyone unless you have money to throw away.
    I’m now looking for a C.B shop some where near Rocky Mount, Wilson, Greenville NC

  16. Are there any good one’s in southeast Louisiana, preferably close to new Orleans, if so can you post please

  17. does any one know of any trust worthy cb shops in ohio? been driving for 7 years now and don’t want to ever do anything else. Love it just need to get some upgrades done to my cb if i can find a respectable place to have it done

  18. there is a real good radio shop at the exit 83 truckstop in sc i think the guy bought out skywalker there he can work on them all even tube amps he fixed a 3300 hp that three others told me was hopeless . also let me see every thing he did and didnt act like a smart a– like most the others the guy no his stuff

  19. To whom it may concern.stay away from First Class Radio and the owner Vince.This shop has no clue what the hell their doing.I took in my cobra 29ltd and it was worse coming back than it was when it went in.Never again will I use this chop shop!!!! They are located in Granite City Il.Exit 3 off I-270 south off interstate Rte.3 and Chain of Rock’s Rd.STAY AWAY FROM THIS CHOP SHOP!!!!!

  20. I do know of a very good C.B. Tech. in Northern Calif. if any one needs one in that area
    He is really knowledged in C.B.’S,I had a Cobra LTD 29 that didnt even power up he had it done in one night ,so I gave him 2 more I had in the truck and told him I’d be back for them,When I got back they were ready and he doesnt have a “C.B. SHOP”with C.b.’s and coxial,mic’s,etc. He is just a repairman !!I recommend him!the last guy from sacramento truck stop shop screwed my stuff up!!But RAY’S C.B.’S fixed them and pretty resonable price to!!Give a big breaker for RAY’S C.B.’S out there in MARYSVILLE,CA. thanks Thought I’d let other drivers here know this info……His phone number is (530)354-3550 Thanks Delmer

  21. Requesting help infinding a good C.B. Repair shop with in a reasonble miles of my home. Which is inPendleton Oregon. You mention SWR’S to these people they as you if the come in bunchs or by the dozen.
    Any assistance that you may give me will be greatly appwericated. Respectifully == Mr C.Frazier

  22. HERES A DAM GOOD ONE IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA EXIT 630 ON THE I5 INTERSTATE.YAK YAK SHACK EXIT630 3525 HWY99W CORNING,CA 96021 (530-824-8210).yak yak shack has been in bussiness since 1977, and can repair almost anything electonic as long as its broke and parts are aval.. Also have a complete line of parts and besides service we do installations rain or shine. also a big selection of new and used radios for sale from cobras to big radios. Thank for letting me express my self and my place of bussiness.

  23. Anyone heard of Ice box in Ripon c.a. San Joquin valley about 40 mils east of the bay area? He will do repairs while you wait. Hes pretty reasonable too. Ask around at Loves or flying J.

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