2010 Massacre in Kentucky

There have been many famous massacres throughout time one such as the Texas chainsaw massacre.

Now here in Kentucky in 2010 there has been another massacre – a bad one at that.

It happened in a very small community – here where I live – a community of approximately 400 people.

It seemed to be a nice and quite community with everybody getting along – until that dreadful day – Sept. 12th, 2010.

The weather here has been so nice that my wife and I have been sitting outside in the evening time until late at night when we decide to go to bed. We were sitting outside that dreadful evening when we saw the killer and his accomplice together – planning their attack – but we thought they were just playing and having fun.

It was just by fate that we were in the right place at the right time to document the crime scene and all the “bodies” laying around – after the horrible attacks were made. My wife and I were outside that evening enjoying the weather and what we thought were our playful cats – Hemi the gray tigerstripe and Tommyboy the all black cat.

The horrible attacks happened sometime between that night and the next morning – because when we were outside we had not seen any evidence – yet. Here is a shot of the “crime scene”:

The field is about 100 acres of soybeans and has two barns located on it. For those of you who live in the country probably have already figured out what this “massacre” was and “who” the victims were.

The Killer:

The Accomplice:

The “Dead” bodies:

Now you may think that I have a sick sense of humor – I really don’t – but this is the site that we saw the next morning. These mice were caught and killed and lined up on the sidewalk just as the picture shows.

The Killer watching over the dead:

By the way the cats were turned outside one month prior and this days “count” made 39 mice we have cleaned up in one month.

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